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general profile

: 1985

: License No. 27831

  Category "AAA"

: General Building

  General Engineering

: Large A - Road, Highway, Pavement, Railways, Airports,

      Horizontal Structures & Bridges

  Medium A - Port, Harbor & Off-shore Engineering

  Medium B - Building & Industrial Plants

  Medium A - Irrigation & Flood Control

  Small B - Dam, Reservoir & Tunneling

  Small B - Water Supply

  Small B - Park, Playground & Recreational

Year Organised

PCAB Contractors License

Principal Classification

IAC Registration

ISO Certification

: ISO 9001:2008

our humble beginnings

Wing-An Construction & Development Corporation began in 1984 with less than 20 employees engaging only in small scale construction works of residential houses, and small warehouses.

Since then, the growth of Wing-An Construction is attributable to its core principle of delivering to our clients Value for their Money. Our Company has developed and continues to develop construction strategies and management systems that allow for greater efficiency, resulting in a great reduction of prices. We also take pride in the fact that we invest greatly in owning our own top of the line heavy equipment and machinery. This allows us to continue providing quick and efficient services at a lower cost. Through the years, the variety of our experience and machineries has enabled Wing-An Construction to successfully execute thousands of civil, structural, electrical, sanitation and specialty engineering works.

Upon establishing the name of Wing-An Construction in the construction industry, the corporation then sought to specialize in the fields of infrastructure and foundation. Our founding members went to various countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia to learn about their technology and construction practices which could be adapted in the Philippines.

In line with our drive to the continuing development of the Philippine nation, the company has since then engaged in hundreds of bored pilling, pile driving and various special foundation works all over the country, as well as several pioneering bridge constructions and rehabilitation projects. Considering the our countries archipelagic nature, the soil conditions of different parts of the country are unique. This requires great strategy and flexibility in being able to adapt the technology and machinery available and apply theory into actual practice. This however, poses no challenge to our experienced and well-learned engineers and specialists.

Today, Wing-An Construction stands on solid ground, just like the thousands of civil engineering, specialty engineering, structural projects and foundation works we have accomplished through the years. Engraved in our heart are the values of Responsibility, Excellence and Integrity, assuring that no project will be left unfinished, while at the same time delivering great value for money.

core values





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